Fella Makafui Signs A Deal With DHL To Manage Her International Deliveries



Award-winning actress, Fella Makafui has just signed a major deal with the international shipping, courier, and packaging service, DHL.

This key business deal will serve as a major boost for Fella Makafui’s shop where she sells clothing, eyelashes and other items.

Fella Makafui, who already owns a delivery service will handle her own local deliveries, however, for her customers who are based outside Ghana, she will be relying on DHL to deliver her products to her customers on time.

Announcing the deal on her Instagram, Fella Makafui said “this Business Partnership between Fella Makafui Group of Companies and DHL will go a long way to ensure safe – reliable – fast delivery of all our quality products to our customers across the world.”

“Now all our customers will have the products they purchase delivered to them outside Ghana via DHL,” she added.


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