Lyrics: Medikal – The Last Burial (Strongman Diss)

“The Last Burial Lyrics by Medikal”


[Verse 1]
Obede me use wo beat no
I want to lash your small boy
Ohiani moborowa,
Y3ko aa na wo follow s3 convoy
I step in the scene, I’m making it clean
Me kuram mu bawee s3 alloy
3nhy3 wo aa y3 din
Y3 sika no y3gye no bim bim bim abwoy

Promoters aa mo gu me bank
Me manager se w’abr3 eno show off
Wo trende aa 3ye wo s3 wo pappi
W’adwene ketewa s3 mbaa watch
M’afr3 Abass me landi p3
Meek) hyia no agye six plots
Best rapper for life
Wonte ase3 aa fa Aboagye k) High court


Studio ay3fo ama woo to bi
Aa wiase ay3 tan
Ofui, togb3l33, gyimii
W’ano ho nwii s3 nkuraasedan
If you see fraud money before
Show me how it looks like
Boys confirmi na y3mma wo kakra aa
Wo feeli good right


Rest in peace wonko)fo) b3 fi wo
My brother sleep tight
Wo saman p3 aa )mbra, me gugwa no
Your soul go keep quiet
You wan make agony manage
You with this behaviour
Had that shit on speaker
Wo se Obede ny3 hwee..what a traitor

Akoa no se Sarkodie no dey pay inn video shoots
)se n’afu na 3nam niqqa no p3 Adidie s3 Drogba
Me koraa me kyer33 Agony s3 )mboa wo
Me hw3 wo aa wobr3
You’re just a poop in my trumu
I shit you, wonka nokor3
Rap y3 gym aa nka dabiaa me worki out s3 koter3
Wonni aboter3 wo mu hahaaha
Wo y3 aboa aa nka wo y3 Tefr3
Ye si town aa y3se3 ho wo hu s3 b33ma nie
Strongman p3 application bra
Me hia gateman wo fie

Wo girl Nana Ama no
3yaa bisa no s3 d3n na )ton
Prosper finger no nso wandi no
Na ne tw3 b)n
Ask am say the 2K mobile money
Who wey send am
Wonni sika aa menfalli
Obiaa de naade n’3nam

Agyinamoa fri fie aa na
Na nkura neesa shoky ne shaku
? se ka ka try walaahi m3b) n’asom baako
Too Risky ne Omo ada nyinaa me girls n’3de maa me
I’m just an entertainer, mengyae fella nk)di wo maame

Money making machine
M’abr3 mo menni time for haters
Mehy3 minnesota mee Boili
#nky3 me sign w) lakers
Sleep dem sleep
Omo ada )mo career n’aye latex
Ashfoam mp3 moanim ahw3 nti mo hia me favours

What be the time?
Fr3 me tapoli
Adey on my grind, I see that they crying
Best rapper till the day i go resign
Makoma s3 niqqa be throwing a sign
Ghetto boy aam’asi dan ama mommy
Mehy3 bo) mo koraa a, I still go dey shine
Comparing yourself to me is an insult
3w) s3 yeky3 wo to mu it is a crime

Subtract yourself from Obede followers
3b3ka wo pant
Wo wie aa multiply w’agyapade3 aa wo w) w) wiase
You no reach the watch on my hand
Divide abusuafo) no nno)ma no nso ka bom
S3 wo y33 profit and loss
Wo wieaa sendi answer no
E’dey tally the chain i lost

Hwan na tuu wo fo
Flow Delly see akoa n’atiti
Sarkodie next time fa wo sika t)nsaase ma Titi
Shadouts to Kobby hands
Afe wei m3kyer3 mo biibi
Underground niqqas
Y’adua mo saa nso still mo fifi

[Verse 2]
Me tu kwan kakra nti 3y3 mu s3 Ghana y3 modea
From day two i had fire in my eyes
No chill zone i put the fire into ice
Devil in disguise but I’m jesus with the price
Tell the jolly fvck the law
I see the truth in your lies
All this fake celebrities in my DM
I read the unread without replies
I no dey see them
They sleeping, I no dey need alarm
I’m always peeping
If money talks i be the linguist
I’m alway speaking
Ebi si boy nu rappi, ebi si Ibi hype

If your girl be Mavis Beacon sef
She never be my type
Dem dey look for my duplicate
No debate, mo hyer3 me hwae
ECG you go fi keep your light
Nyame ni me han
There noor light off
They turn my mic off
I no need someone coward to come and prove to me that time
I’m fvcken idol
As dem tell me say i no go blow i told dem fvck off
Know everyday i board planes
Pilot never ideal on the road from riches
We had a convensation
He said i’m never going broke..thats my occupation

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