7 Secrets Why Some Contents Goes Viral, And Get Millions Of Shares


One thing that excites every blogger is when their contents explode to go viral, yet it is a real constraint and challenge to actually accomplish it. Before I delve into it, let me tell you what viral content is, if you are a newbie or don’t know much about it.

viral blog post is a post that’s shared and get interactions from a lot of people. With the help of social media, there is more and more potential for any type of content to go viral. Photos and videos are especially likely to go viral, and these can easily be incorporated into a blog post. These are the photos that get spread all over Facebook and the YouTube videos that get millions of hits. Moreover, a Viral content helps you to get many high-quality backlinks and your blog will be exposed to a wider audience.

Yep — when a post goes VIRAL!

Hopefully, you’ve experienced this before.

You post an update in hopes of getting some interaction — then head out to grab lunch.

When you come back, your post is going crazy with hundreds damn of Likes & Shares. hurrrayyyyy!!!

Time to do that Azonto dance. Lol !!!

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen very often. But you can improve the chances of it happening by:

  1. understanding why people actually share content
  2. learning the 7 secrets of highly shared content
  3. taking action by posting shareable content

Usually, viral content has one or more of these qualities:

  • Funny
  • Controversial
  • Popular or Trendy Topic
  • Useful & unique

Let’s start with why people share content.

Why Do People Share Content?

According to a research on the “Psychology of Sharing”, people share content for the following reasons:

>> to Learn

73% say they process information more deeply, thoroughly and thoughtfully when they share it

>> to Inform & Influence

49% say sharing allows them to inform others of products they care about and potentially change opinions or encourage action

>> to Inform & Influence

49% say sharing allows them to inform others of products they care about and potentially change opinions or encourage action

>> to Help

94% carefully consider how the share will be useful to the recipient

>> to Show Identity

68% share to give people a better sense of who they are and what they care about

>> to Connect

78% share information online because it lets them stay connected to people they may not otherwise stay in touch with, and 73% share information because it helps them connect with others who share their interests

> to Participate

69% share information because it allows them to feel more involved in the world

>> to Lend Support

84% share because it is a way to support causes or issues they care about

7 Secrets of Highly Shared Contents

According to  a research by GustavTK.Com, Facebook or twitter post that is highly shareable does at least one of the following:

#1. Gives

  • Offers, discounts, deals or contests everyone can benefit from

#2. Advices

  • Tips, especially about problems everyone encounters — for example, how to get a job or how to lose weight

#3. Warns

  • Warnings about dangers that could affect anyone

#4. Amuses

  • Funny pictures & quotes — as long as they’re not offensive to any group — sometimes the humor shouldn’t be strong or edgy because it needs to appeal to a general audience

#5. Inspires

  • Inspirational quotes

#6. Amaze

  • Amazing pictures or facts

#7. Unites

  • Posts that act as a flag to carry or a way to brag about your membership in a group that’s doing darned good

If your posts do at least one of these things, you should see more shares. Of course, this depends completely on your followers, page & fans too.


Here’s an easy way to SHARE all the above information with your followers for my post to go viral: LOL!!!


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