Download: Edoh YAT Ft. Kofi Mole – Suicide


This song was officially to pay homage to the young late UDS student who posted a short video of the original song 7 times on his WhatsApp status before committing suicide. I featured Kofi Mole on this one because it couldn’t get to reach the peak I wanted it to. Let’s all enjoy and listen to the song in a positive way and not practice it’s lyrics.

My suicide song is a true life story i penned down. At a point in my life I thought of committing suicide because all hope was lost, What if this music doesn’t pay off someday? I have people counting on me, what if I don’t get to help them fulfill their dreams, how do I face this shame? Those were the things running through my mind as at that time. So I really thought of committing suicide and decided to write a song about it before I leave, and before the song begins I said something; I said, I’m writing this letter in a form of a song.


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