In my life on facebook especially, for years now we have fought a lot of fights, have had a lot of arguments all in the name of making sure we defend and preserve the legacy of Shatta Movement boss @shattawalenima

There had been times that a lot of the people, bloggers, media personalities, friends etc blocks and unfriend us just because we defend Wale against their will.
But we stood our grounds and bullshit whatever they think and say, but speak the hard truth in their faces.
Today here we are, we are in an era where the fights we fought have paid off, it has paid off such that, now those who were fighting us are mute and suffering from depression.
There is nothing to fight us on again.
Anything they say now bounds back to them, they have nothing to use to troll or attack the man anymore because he has done what nobody have being able to do in this industry.
Be proud and show yourself as a loyal fan of Shatta Wale.
The time you were afraid to come public and show your love to him is gone, there’s freedom now roll out in numbers. ‘The independence of Shatta Wale struggles in this music industry, shall never be meaningful unless it liberates every fan to show their loyalty’

Continue the celebration, and be involve in all the activities of Shatta Movement, there’s more great news coming soon.
Watch out for October 19, Fantasy Dome.


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