Bobrisky Trade Blows With Young Guy Who Damaged His New Range Rover

The most popular cross-dresser currently, Bobrisky went too physical with a young guy who damaged his new sleek Range Rover. Reports suggest that the guy used his car to hit Bobrisky’s new car.

However, details of the incident are not fully available but per what we saw in a video shared by an eyewitness, the rear of car suffered minor damage on one side.

Bobrisky was also seen taking pictures of the number plate of the car that hit his car, while also engaging in a mild discussion with the driver.

The guy who was not okay with Bobrisky taking pictures of his plate number smacked the cross dresser’s phone to the ground and went into his car.

Bobrisky who got furious then decided to show him something by going through the passenger’s door, after picking up his phone from the floor and gave him a slap on his face.

The guy who wasn’t ready to take defeat also came out of his vehicle, and gave Bob a hot chase to his car, before landing him several punches to his face.




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