Hot Video of Pastor David E. Wilson eating the box of a woman hit online / WATCH VIDEO


Pastor David E. Wilson of BibleWay Ministries & World Out Reach, Inc has become a viral sensation for all the wrong reasons.

A video that (allegedly) shows the man of God (or at the very least someone who strongly resembles him) eating from the under canoe of a who doesn’t appear to be his wife has gone viral on social media.

We can’t tell if the video was edited or what, but the man goes on for damn near a full minute without taking even a breath, taking the phrase “speaking in tongues” to a whole new level.

The clip, accompanied by the caption “Pastor Wilson out here doing the lords work,” was originally shared on Twitter Monday afternoon (Oct. 16)

Of course, we’re NOT going to post the EXTREMELY footage here, but it’s out there on our Twitter page if you’re willing to look for it.

Meanwhile, Twitter has been having a field day with the footage as #PastorWilson trends worldwide.



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