American rapper, Cardi B to perform in Accra Ghana

American rapper, Cardi B to perform in Accra Ghana

Grammy award winning female rapper Cardi B is set to perform in Accra Ghana in December as well as Lagos, Nigeria. Cardi B is among the most popular and top ranked American female singers in the world.

She has three albums out and has gone platinum within a period of two years. She is currently the streamed female rapper. Cardi posted a video sometime ago saying that she’ll be coming to perform in Africa, however there doubts if it was actually Ghana.

It has now been confirmed by the LivespotNation X Festival. This event will be happening at the Acca Sports Stadium in Accra, Ghana.

This entertainment festival is for all who are 18 years and above. It is definitely going to be a great event and fun since Cardi B is performing live.
Tickets, booking and reservations are currently available are available for everyone interested.

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