L£aked: Married Woman Insults boy she is cheating with over GHC 500 (Leaked Audio)


A leaked whatsapp Audio that is fast going viral has a woman, angrily insulting her side guy over 100 euros.

From the audio, it appears the woman warned the guy she was cheating with not to call or come to her house when her husband is around but he didn’t listen and almost had her husband suspecting the affair.

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The woman in the audio said she requested money from her side guy to buy shoes but the guy failed to give her and she was cheating with him only because the guy gave her some 100 euros equivalent to GHC 500; sometime in the past.

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The leaked audio is trending all over social media, and we know sooner or later, the husband of this woman will get it so he knows what an ungrateful wife he has.

listen to the audio below, start at 6:15 till the end.


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