Three ghanaian students caught having s£x in the classroom / WATCH VIDEO


Our sisters and brothers in SHS are getting a bad name for themselves these days as videos such as this keep popping up online.

A video, which captures 3 shs students from an unidentified school have been spotted having s£x in the classroom.

Young Student Abena S£xtape With Sugar Daddy L£aked Online / WATCH VIDEO

Two boys and one girl were seen in the video enjoying themselves to the fullest.

One of them was been given a blow job by the girl whiles the other boy gave it to her from behind.

Hot Video of University of Energy bus catches fire mid-way to Kumasi / WATCH VIDEO

We are still working hard to make out the identity of the students and the school in which it happened.

we will let our readers know of any developments.

watch the video below.


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