WATCH VIDEO: Woman Caught On Tape Shaving In Public

A woman has been caught on tape shaving her publicly and this has made her the centre of attention on the internet. 

The video captured the unidentified woman sitting by the edge of a pool, shaving her legs as children swam nearby. It appears the kids never noticed her weird attitude as we don’t think it was appropriate to do such a thing near a swimming pool that has people having fun inside.

The people who captured the moment on video were heard saying, “Oh my God! This lady is shaving in the pool!”

“I hope she don’t shave her hoo-ha next!” the woman recording was heard saying.

Fortunately, the video cut off at that time. The video was uploaded to Reddit on Monday where it received more than 55,000 upvotes and 1,600 comments. However, the post was later locked which barred people from adding additional comments or upvotes.

“Of course this happened in Florida. It’s the trashiest state in the union,” one social media user wrote.

Watch the video:

WATCH VIDEO: Woman Caught On Tape Shaving In Public

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