Medikal Is Immature – Eno Barony Throws New Punch

Medikal Is Immature – Eno Barony Throws New Punch

Eno Barony’s ‘Argument Done’ diss song sparked a lot of controversies after she threw some shots at a supposed ghostwriter for Sista Afia when she released ‘U Got Nerves’.

Many people thought Eno’s jabs were targeted at Medikal who was alleged to be this ghostwriter for Sista Afia.

The AMG Business rapper in a numerous post on Twitter averred why he won’t waste his time to reply to someone who looks like a corpse

The ‘Deedew’ composer rebutted that she is pretty and she doesn’t look like a corpse. According to her, it is only a ghost that can see someone as a corpse.

However, she sees Medikal as someone who is immature based on his utterances.

Eno Barony disclosed Medikal and her are not friends but just colleagues and they only say hi to each other when they meet