Nurse caught smuggling a newborn baby – video

Nurse caught smuggling a newborn baby – video

A Nigerian nurse from the Mother of Mercy Hospital and Maternity in Okpoko has been accused of stealing a newborn baby after she was caught by residents holding a newborn baby in her arms outside the hospital’s premises.

The nurse denied all accusations that the residents imposed on her as she claimed she was waiting for the mother of the baby to meet her outside for her baby.

Per the video, the bystanders seem not to believe her story and asked her to call the so-called mother of the newborn baby, or else they would not allow her to go.

She was later accused of trying to smuggle the baby out of the hospital with the intention of selling it when she failed to call the mother of the baby. This happed at Onitsha in Nigeria.

Watch video below:


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Nurse Caught With Newborn Baby Outside Hospital Premises

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