Nigerian Man Beat And Bite Wife’s Ear Off During A Heated Argument | Photo

Nigerian Man Beat And Bite Wife’s Ear Off During A Heated Argument | Photo

A Nigerian man has bitten his wife’s right ear off after she decided to leave him after 17 years of being married because he treats her badly.

Below is the woman’s daughter’s statement at the police station as she narrates the whole story

My mum and my stepfather had some issues and so I went to stay with the brother who is a pastor living in town. He called the brother and asked the brother to send me out of his house and that if he still wants to remain his brother, he should chase me out of the house. The brother had no option, he gave me some money and asked me to leave.

When my mother heard that my stepfather asked his brother to send me away from his house, she said she cannot sleep in his own house and be eating while she doesn’t know where I was. She had to leave the house so she can look for me. She had other children with him so she left them with him so she can look for me.

Meanwhile, I looked for a one-room apartment at Dantata area. My mum said she would come and join me. When she told my stepfather that she was going to look for me, he told her that if she goes out, she should never come back into his house. My mum said yes it is better, she will go.

When she came to meet me, she started looking for work because for the past 17 years they have been married, he stopped her from working and going to school. He just wants her to sit at home doing nothing and if she asks him for money, he will insult her even in the presence of people

he took our picture, did voice note, and wrote some things, claiming that we were Lesbians. He alleged that I initiated my mother into Lesbianism. He posted it on Whatsapp, looked for my friends and schoolmates and shared it

We reported the case. The police went to his house, arrested him, and brought him to the station. When the police asked for evidence to prove the allegation of lesbianism, he started pleading, saying he was angry when he made the allegation. He told the police that we were not lesbians and that he was annoyed and that is why he was just looking for a way to spoil my image

My mother said before she will go back to his house, she wants to go back to school, have a job where she will leave the house in the morning and come back in the evening and that he should rent a house for her outside because when she was in the house, he will abuse her morning, afternoon and night, accusing her of stealing. He never trusts my mother. Whenever he is eating and his phone rings, he will ask his other wife to come and seat near his food as he doesn’t trust my mother

We were about leaving when he drew my mother back with so much force. She fell on the chair and he jumped on her. He had his mouth on her ears. He bit off the complete ear and spat it on the floor. With tension and fear, we started crying and shouting. He disappeared immediately

We ran to the nearest hospital in Kerife to see if they would be able to attach the ear back. When we got there, the staff said this was beyond what they can handle. They referred us to Gwagwalada. This was around past 10pm already

I went out crying to look for a car that will carry us to Gwagwalada. I saw one man who said it was too late for him to go to Gwagwalada but that he would be able to take us to Suleja hospital but that we will have to pay him. I said no problem. He drove us there, we paid him but the hospital said they could not treat her because he uprooted the ear completely

On getting to the new hospital, they told us that the doctor wasn’t on sit until tomorrow morning. We cried like we were not going to cry in this life again. Since it was an emergency, we said let us try another hospital. This was few minutes past 11pm. We came out of the hospital, there was no car going to town

We saw one man, we begged him to carry us. We didn’t even tell the man that we didn’t have transport again because we knew he would not carry us. We said take us to one hospital that is close to my working place.

On getting there, I told my people to take my mother inside while I started begging the driver. I explained to him that we were not having any money on us and that if had told him, he would not have carried us. The man said there is no problem and left us alone.

Getting into the hospital, the doctor said he cannot sew the ear back since it was completely uprooted and that the ear was already dead. He said what he can just do is to treat the face of the wound, give her some injections and pain relief and just seal it up.

We didn’t have any other thing to do than to bury the dead ear

Nigerian Man Beat And Bite Wife’s Ear Off During A Heated Argument | Photo Nigerian Man Beat And Bite Wife’s Ear Off During A Heated Argument | Photo

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