See Photos These Young Girls Posted On Social Media -Watch

Young girls are considered the future wives and mothers, they’re are some things which are not expected of young girls to indulge in, but the world as whole has changed and many things are not what they used to.

Imagine these young girls at a gathering smoking heavily and drinking, they even took pictures of themselves and uploaded it on social media for everyone to view.

The purpose of the gathering is still unknown but what happened at the gathering was surely nothing to be proud of, most especially when you consider the gender and age of the culprits.

Many people questioned their character and upbringing, these are the future of our dear nation, someone should please come to their rescue before it’s too late, we know what smoking excessively does to people.

Many teens turn to marijuana in an effort to self-medicate, to make themselves feel better. They use marijuana to try to cope with depression, anxiety, and anger.

To some, it’s probably not a big deal anymore for a woman to smoke weed. Guys aren’t really tripped about chicks who indulge in the herb. Some even think it’s cool but there are some who believe that a woman who smokes weed is irresponsible and a slut.

Some kids begin using marijuana because they don’t understand the harm it can do to them while their brains and minds are still not fully developed. Or more often, they make a decision to begin using based on misinformation.

Nevertheless, there’s never a worthy excuse for girls as young as these girls to start smoking and drinking and doing all sorts of bad deeds, they uploaded the pictures on social media to show they are actually proud of what they are doing.

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See Photos These Young Girls Posted On Social Media -WatchSee Photos These Young Girls Posted On Social Media -WatchSee Photos These Young Girls Posted On Social Media -Watch

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