‘I’ve sl£pt with almost all the men in my class’; 24-year-old student cries

‘I’ve sl£pt with almost all the men in my class’; 24-year-old student criesA 24-year-old student in tertiary of the capital of the Eastern Region of Ghana, Koforidua has shared her related ordeal to the public.

The lady, 24 believed to be nymphomaniac disclosed her addiction plight during a phone interview on live radio

“I don’t know how it happened, but I think it all started after my ex-boyfriend broke my v¡rg¡n!ty. Before that, I had a strong ph0bia of it. After that incident, I started having strange f££lings for it which I thought was normal. We could have it like 4 times a day until the unfortunate happened and we broke up.

“Even in school, I have sl£pt with almost all the male students in my class and some of my lectures. Frankly speaking, I don’t know how it always happens. I feel for it with the least touch by a guy. And this has indirectly lured me into having with different guys,”

When asked whether she insists on conform before it, she answered by saying she always have c0nd0ms in her bag.

“I personally buy some and keep it so that in case they don’t have one, I give them some to use. I know how bad my condition is, so I make sure I always have c0nd0ms to protect myself. The interesting part is, I sometimes pay these guys for their service. “I know my condition is very dicey and I have consulted many pastors. They advised me and tried their best so that these strange f££lings of mine will stop but to no avail.”

She also talked about how medical practitioners she seeks help from take advantage of her weakness

“Most doctors when consulted try to take advantage of me since they know how weak I am. And because of that, I have sl£pt with most of them”

The young lady disclosed that this act of her has not affected her academically.

“I am not very intelligent, what others refer to as ‘sharks ‘. I see myself as a good student. I’m good at everything I do in terms of academics.”

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