13-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Tells How she Got Pregnant [WATCH]

13-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Tells How she Got Pregnant [WATCH]13-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Tells How she Got Pregnant [WATCH]

A 13-year-old girl identified as Afia has narrated in a new video how she got pregnant at the age of 13.

In the video Afia talked how she was raped by a man identified as Emma. According to her, She was at home when she called by the man to run an errand for him

Afia claim, Emma sent her to buy him food and water and upon her arrival, he instructed her to bring the food to his room, Emma then locked the door and forcefully slept with Afia, the 13-year-old girl.

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She disclosed that the man then instructed her not to tell her mother and out of fear, she never said anything to her mother until she discovered some signs and symptoms on her.

She claim she was most of the time feeling down until one day her mother took her to the hospital near the Komfo Anokye in Kumasi and there her mother was told Afia is Pregnant through a scan they conducted.

She revealed that she then told her mother what Emma did to her after the scan results came out Positive, Afia’s mother after she heard the shocking revelation made attempts to arrest Emma but he has a forenotice and escaped from the town.

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Afia also revealed that the doctors have told her that she will undergo a cesarean section because she has very small ribs and hips and also she is short

She claims she was mocked by her friends in school which made her very uncomfortable and led to her hawking on the street as a sachet water seller instead of being in school

When will some men stop being monsters? what is so attractive about a 13 years old girl? Will you be happy if this girl is your daughter and some else does such to her? This is really bad

Watch the video below;


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