Find Out Why This Woman Slept With Her Sister’s 5 Year Old Son

Find Out Why This Woman Slept With Her Sister’s 5 Year Old SonFind Out Why This Woman Slept With Her Sister’s 5 Year Old Son

This beautiful woman is called Abigail, she is 26 years old and a graduate of the University of Ghana, she has been in a relationship for about 6 years now, her guy’s name is John.

John and Abigail love each other so much, they planned to marry on the 7th year of their relationship anniversary, Abigail Has been living in John’s house for about 2 years now.

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Infect both families have accepted them and agree for them to be together because John has already taken the first step of performing the knocking ceremony.

John is a very busy and big-time businessman, he mostly comes home very late, due to the nature of his business, John had to travel outside the country for three months, left only Abigail in the house.

Abigail was all alone in the house feeling bored, uncomfortable and unhappy, she needed a companion in the house to be active, so she decided and went for her sister’s five years old son to come and stay with her for companionship till the guy comes back from his business trip.

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She was then so happy to live with the son, till the guy came back, and he was also happy to see the boy in the house, so they both decided to adopt the son and stay together happily ever.

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