My Pastor’s Lesbian Daughter Yearns to ‘Chop’ Me-Lady laments

My Pastor's Lesbian Daughter Yearns to 'Chop' Me-Lady lamentsMy Pastor’s Lesbian Daughter Yearns to ‘Chop’ Me-Lady laments

The sudden interest in the LGBTQ group has prompted me to share my story with you today.

My love for the Lord’s work has always been my source of joy. I’m also a very hard-working businesswoman with three different business ventures. I’m also very passionate about children. My passion for children even led me to set up an NGO to help in giving arms to the kids on the streets.

I became independent at a very young age. I never knew my father. My mother was all I had. Sadly she died when I was in my second year in high school. So I dropped out and started some small business. The Lord blessed my hustle and now the small business has grown into three medium scale companies.

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That is why I don’t jeopardize my relationship with God and his church. I am the lead singer at my church and because of that I always try to be a good role model to the younger ones. This role got me closer to our pastor. He became my guide, mentor, and father. He has taught me so much over the years.

I also became friends with his daughter. Time has drawn us very close to each other. We are like sisters. We share everything from food to even underwear.

Since knowing her, I have had two boyfriends. But for some strange reasons she never liked them. She always found faults and lodged complaints here and there. She was the reason why I broke up with the first boyfriend. After accusing him of hitting on her severally I took to her side and let my guy go.

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Her being overprotective and too fond of me never struck a chord that maybe she was with the ‘supi’ group. How I missed all the signs still puzzles me. She used to pass comments like- ‘I think the lipstick you’re wearing would look great on my lips: Stop undressing me with your eyes! Use your teeth!’

Astonishingly this girl was in love with me all this while. She mustered the courage to tell me after a girls night out. I’ve been shivering all week with a host of ideas and questions running through my mind. Don’t get me wrong I turned her down because I love men.

My concern is whether to illuminate her dad or to keep my mouth shut. Could it additionally be our preacher who is her father has been on the know this while?

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