SεxTæpe leaked: Lady Chopped By A Guy With Baby At Her Back (+Video)

SεxTæpe leaked: Lady Chopped By A Guy With Baby At Her Back (+Video)SεxTæpe leaked: Lady Chopped By A Guy With Baby At Her Back (+Video)

What a world we live in as a lady was captured carrying her child and a man chopping her from behind. The lady didn’t even realized the baby was at her back. She was enjoying it forgetting her baby may even fell down.

This was how it all started. The lady is a born 3 mother with no husband who does not do any work. Now she had nothing to give to her children to eat not talk about herself. So she decided to go and plead for some from one taxi driver who used to be her boyfriend. She went to plead to her ex boyfriend who was also a taxi driver.

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But the taxi driver insisted before he would give the money to her he has to chopped her because it has been long he slept with her. The lady didn’t want to do but because of how desperate she needed the money she allowed. The t taxi driver took the lady to a bush with her 1year old baby at her back and chopped her.

This is sad because you don’t know who to blame now. But the lady has been careless and giving birth here and there. Because she does nots work ,the guys have been chopping her and giving her money to feed.

That has been the caused of her giving birth to three children without husband with the last child at the back. She would not protect herself and do it. The taxi driver too was also wicked, because of some 10Ghc you want to fire before you give.

My problem was Even if the lady would do the $£x why didn’t she put the baby down. Because the baby was moving here and there at her back and the guy did not care. The mother to was busy enjoying it so she did not realized her baby was at her back.

Ladies should start working so as not to depend on guys. Because guys before some of them would give you money, you would have paid with your body.

Watch the video below:

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