Caregiver caught on camera killing 11-month-old baby with food [Watch]

Caregiver caught on camera killing 11-month-old baby with food [Watch]

Caregiver caught on camera killing 11-month-old baby with food [Watch]

A disturbing video where a caregiver violently assault 11-month-old baby left in her care went viral social media.

Identified as Clara Ayani-Ampah, the caregiver is seen with food in a cup to feed the baby who sat in his seat.

It appears from the video that the child perhaps refused to eat her portion of food, or for whatever reason, Clara is seen forcing the food on the baby.

She is seen pressing the cup against the baby’s mouth and covering her nose in the process. Not even the baby’s cry and struggle for breath would stop Clara from accomplishing her mission as she kept on pressing the cup.

She is seen holding the baby by her hands backward in an attempt to make her powerless in rejecting the food.

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As this happens, the baby is seen throwing her feet in the air as a sign of wanting to breathe.

Her cries seized gradually as she is heard trying to cry, breathe, and swallow her food all at the same time.

Normally, when children are being fed, it is wise that you allow them time to breathe and continue by taking away the cup from their face or the spoon from their mouth, but Clara’s method is different.

She is seen with two more babies in a nice place that looks like a classroom. We , however, cannot say right now if she works with a school or a private home. We will provide details as we are following up on this issue.

Watch the video below :


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