Drama ensues as okada rider steals IPhone 12 pro from lady customer [video]

There was drama after a middle-aged slay queen confronted an okada rider and accused him of stealing her iPhone 12 Pro that cost an arm and a leg.

The slay queen, who was in the company of another slay queen, caused massive chaos along a busy street in the famous estate and threatened to torch the rider’s motorbike.

While it’s not clear how the rider managed to steal the expensive iPhone whose price can buy a secondhand Mazda Demio,.

In a video shared online, the ladies are seen hurling hot words to the guy as they claimed his motorcycle as they demanded for the stolen phone worth 230K.

This created a crowd of people with some claiming that the ladies were only making up the story, but others believed them.

A certain guy is seen arriving and taking the guys motorcycle, which was clear that the boda guy was really guilty.

Watch out the full video of the drama that was witnessed in Roysambu below;



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