Footage of AKA breaking down a door to ‘attack’ Nellie Tembe emerges

South African rapper AKA broke down a door to get to Nellie Tembe – a month earlier than her demise

Weeks after the death of AKA’s fiancee, Anele ‘Nellie’ Tembe, the mystery on why she decided to take her life is still haunting many, as they try to join the pieces of her life, which might provide a clue to her tragic demise.

Nellie Tembe jumped to her death from the tenth floor of Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town, after sharing videos of happy hour the previous night.

AKA broke down a door to get to Anele Tembe

Nellie’s death was initially ruled as a suicide when the news first broke out, however her father, Moses Tembe vehemently denied that his daughter committed suicide nor did she she have any mental health issues.

Moses Tembe seemed to imply that drug and alcohol abuse were to blame for the demise of his daughter.

Now the blame has been shifted to the man in her life, AKA, who according to the late Nellie’s friend was abusive.

Nellie’s friend shared a video with News 24 which shows AKA using his hands to violently break down a wooden door, to enter a bedroom where Anele ‘Nelli’ Tembe was hiding, after they had a dispute.

AKA broke down a door to get to Anele Tembe

According to Nellie’s friend, AKA and Nellie had a fight and he allegedly slammed her face against the wall.

She is said to have ran to the bedroom to escape and recorded the whole thing, before giving the footage to her friend, who also came to her rescue after the attack.

News 24 is in possession of pictures accompanying the incident which shows the late Nellie putting bags of frozen food, on her bruises

The Incident is said to have happened on the 13th of March at AKA’s home.

AKA broke down a door to get to Anele Tembe

“Anele, on many nights, sought protection from those close to her whenever AKA, whom she said became extra violent whenever he had taken drugs, attacked her. We often picked up Anele from AKA’s house in the night” said a friend



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