South African Lady Fights Nigerian Man Over Gh¢413 ($71) After Sleeping With Her

A South African beautiful lady has fought a Nigerian man over Gh¢413 ($71) payment after he slept with her as per a new video sighted by Some South African women have been known to favor dating Nigerian men over South African men.

The reason for this can be speculated, but many South African men believe that is because Nigerian men always provide these women with a lot of money after sleeping with them.

There have been countless videos of these Nigerian men taking advantage of South African women.

South African Lady Fights Nigerian ManIn most of these videos, South Africans used to say that they were drugged but it was quite evident that it was only for the money that they gave them. A video proving this has recently come out on the Internet and it’s busy making waves everywhere. The South African lady is seen in public crying after she allegedly did not get her full payment for the services rendered the previous night.

This whole scene took place in a public shopping complex and people around were trying to calm the situation and they also took a video of what was actually going down. The lady was crying and holding the Nigerian man by the pants and telling him to give her the rest of the money. The Nigerian man was acting like he did not know what she was talking about all this time. The woman was then asked by the man who was busy trying to give her what had happened. She said that they slept together and had previously agreed that he would pay her a total amount of R1000 the next morning. To the lady’s surprise, the guy didn’t pay anything close to that amount at all. She says the guy only gave her R300 and she needs the rest of the money. While she was crying, you could see that she needed the money.
When you watch the whole video you can see that the girl is not a prostitute or anything. It assumed that she thought the man was a wealthy blesser who would give her money but that wasn’t the case. The Nigerian man kept on acting like he did not know what was going on but it is evident that the lady is crying for nothing. It seems like the man was taking her home and when he gave her R300 instead of R700, she causes a scene.

South African Lady Fights Nigerian Man Over Gh¢413 ($71) After Sleeping With Her


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