“He Wants 3 Rounds Every Night And I Can’t, I’m Refunding His Lobola Money” Cries 20 Years Old Lady

"He Wants 3 Rounds Every Night And I Can't, I'm Refunding His Lobola Money" Cries 20 Years Old Lady

Every woman’s dream is to marry and start a family. Some of these dreams are shattered by marital violence, and reality proves to be the polar opposite of what they thought marriage was.

When Lobola was paid for her husband, Anathi Nomeva, a 20-year-old woman, was overjoyed. She had no idea that this was the beginning of her nightmares. Her husband is said to have turned into a poking monster who expects three romances every night. She would wake up drained and tired from her long evenings

Nomeva is fed up with her marriage since she can’t keep up with her husband’s demands. She announced that she is divorcing her spouse and will compensate him for his lobbying expenses.

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Nomeva’s husband gave her a lobola of R6000, which she has so far been able to raise half of.

They’ve only been together for two years and can’t continue. She claimed that once her spouse paid her lobola, he sought more romance from her. Even when she isn’t feeling well. She usually does it to please him, and she is always in pain as a result.

Nomeva said she was abused by her leased home’s spouse. He thinks she’s her servant. She complained to the family elders and left their home because she couldn’t comply with his demands. She also intends to obtain a protective order against her spouse. Mvuyisi Jembula, her 42-year-old fiance, has denied the allegations.

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