DOWNLOAD: Shatta Wale – Trackers Mind MP3

Shatta Wale - Trackers Mind


DOWNLOAD: Shatta Wale – Trackers Mind MP3

Shatta Wale, a Ghanaian Dancehall musician, unfolds a new mp3 download titled “Trackers Mind” is a pure dancehall tune for your listening pleasure. Enjoy this jam and kindly share this one from King Shatta.

Trackers Mind By Shatta Wale. It is a song that I have always had in my heart. I know you will enjoy it. Download it today.’

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Trackers Mind [Download]

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Shatta Wale Trackers Mind Lyrics

Wi all grow different you zeemi
You grow different
Mi grow different
Hmm hm

Naturally hyped, so me never need ah hype man
Shine like jewelry from ice box
Mi nuh too like keep contacts
Mi never earn dat
From Mi seh shatta movement ah bay thugs roll out.
Blood ah go spill like sprinkle
Ah so wi dweet inna Brixton
Warn dem anytime King come
Straight to the point
My place where mi grow from
Negative energy dem grow from
Dem only want ah man downfall
Despite evilous things dem nuh know God

Any bwoy try mi roger
Shatta go leak fi dem blodklats
Send dem come mi know dem total
Every white light inna de street ago blood up.
Man is ah king fi di masses
But I’m like de threat and de target
I am the truth and the focus
If you never like me shut up unnu mouth deh
Is like Abraham God tried me
Is like Moses God send me
Chief musician like David
Wi nuh lose inna war nuh
Seen Pon ah tele with de FEDS

Judge seh mi affi spend time inna cell
Member man ah whole inna dis tin any bwoy test dis him ah go get defeat
Wholla dem know me too stubborn
Caan be mi problem I’m a problem
Mi name is like di internet so log on
Worldwide shit I am the mint so rub on.
If you never listen you nuh go understand
Mi seh what you ever wish come with ah plan
Ah mi tell dem seh dem cyaan underrate me
Mi cool but somma mi dawg dem mad like rabies

Wish mi could see those faces
Soma dis black boys dem ah racists
Come to Ghana mi will take you places.
Year of return was a fraud ah mi seh dis
The people never change dema mentalities yeah
Dem seh we have schools but wi get no desk
Inna Nigeria light off everyday
Inna Ghana politricksters lie to wi
How many times mi ah tell dem
Seh every youth affi stand firm
Cause inna di life if you dun learn fail you ah fail if you dun praise God deh

We move buh dem try draw wi progress
Dem never know mi born into success
Always happy no sadness
Straight inna your face mi ah go speak like madness.
Mi seh freestyle dis mi nuh write yet
Money inna bag no wallet
The car mi want fi drive mi nuh buy yet
All these cars mi drive was ah drive test
If ah pain den we go through de process
Mi have de heart of de shark in de waters
Take my breath then you got the powers
Mi nuh fraid’ah man weh ah go die like everyone else
You is rich but you never live ah hundred.
Some of unnu affi read like panflet

I’m not a king but de fans seh mi standard
Mi and my fans never get pampered
Where you ah go deh when Jah blow de trumpet
Weh you ah go do when Jah show your life deh
Know de life giver is another man deh
Praise him everytime never lose your guard dem.
Fi de Moslem, the Christian and the traditionist
To de Budha, the atheist, unbelievers
Pin-interest him If you get ah feeling
Then you affi know Jah addi only healing.
Mi bad but mi do de forgivings
But mi mind dun change like de seasons
Big up wholla de thugs inna prison
Soon time some of unnu ah go get free
Tell Adidja Palmer fi stand strong
My prayer for him coming so strong
Tell Shawn storm no matter the out come Gaza man ah represent mi seh no cap.

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